Ferkensco presented investment projects at international conference in Istanbul

In Istanbul, the prestigious international conference "Argus Fertilizers 2023 Caspian, Black Sea and Eastern European Markets" took place, sponsored by Ferkensco.

Argus, a leading international price reporting agency, has been covering the mineral fertilizers and energy markets for over 40 years, providing analysis of events and trends in commodity markets. Argus' analytical data is relied upon by business representatives, regulators, and tax authorities in 140 countries.

The conference in Istanbul brought together over 400 participants from 30 countries, including manufacturers, suppliers, traders, logistics operators, financial companies, and technology providers from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Key topics discussed were the prospects for production development, volume, and delivery methods that will shape exports from the Caspian and Black Sea regions in the coming years.

At the event in Istanbul, Ferkensco presented its investment projects: Samarqandkimyo and Karakulkimyo chemical complexes. The Samarkand plant will produce up to 370,000 tons of monoammonium phosphate (MAP, 12:52) and up to 540,000 tons of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium complex fertilizer (NPK) per year. The Karakul facility will produce up to 495,000 tons of ammonia and up to 594,000 tons of urea. These projects will meet the demand for phosphorus and nitrogen mineral fertilizers in the domestic market and establish exports to other countries.

"The conference provided an excellent networking platform and an opportunity to present Ferkensco's projects, which will soon take a prominent position in the global mineral fertilizers industry. We have had fruitful meetings with potential partners, with whom we plan to forge new avenues of cooperation," commented Timur Juraev, the leader of Ferkensco.