SEG Enera presented investment projects at German Economy Day

Tashkent hosted the German Economy Day in Uzbekistan, organized by the German Representation for Central Asia in collaboration with German Industry and Commerce. The Uzbek conglomerate SEG Enera served as the main partner for the conference.

The event brought together nearly 500 guests, including representatives from German and Uzbek business sectors. The German Economy Day in Uzbekistan was attended by a high-level delegation from Germany, led by the Head of Foreign Economic Affairs and a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), Dr. Volker Treier. The delegation included almost 50 executives and board members from German companies and chambers of commerce and industry. It was the first time such a large delegation participated here.

Uzbekistan has garnered significant attention from German companies, according to the organizers of the event. With a population of 36.4 million people, direct access to other markets in the region, a government policy focused on reforms, and high rates of economic growth, Uzbekistan continues to attract international investors.

During the panel session on the collaboration between Uzbekistan and Germany in the transformation of the energy sector, a representative from SEG Enera discussed the development of promising projects in the oil and gas industry, as well as in renewable energy. In particular, the German audience was interested in the project on the construction of 2 GW photovoltaic power plants, being implemented by the company group.

"In 2022, the share of 'green' electricity consumption in Germany reached a record-breaking 47%. Considering the favorable climatic conditions, the development of solar power generation technologies in Uzbekistan holds immense promise. Therefore, Germany's positive experience in operating similar facilities is of great interest to us," noted Dmitry Bobkov, Director of Corporate Communications at SEG Enera, during the session.