Saneg Oil Italy starts production and sales of branded products in the European Union and Uzbekistan

Saneg Oil Italy, a subsidiary of Uzbekistan's largest privately-held oil and gas company, has started producing lubricants and greases for industrial applications using the Saneg Oil brand.

The range of industrial lubricants includes 21 products, including hydraulic, gear, compressor, circulation and other lubricants for use in various industries. The range of greases consists of 15 products – comprising multi-purpose lithium complex, lithium-calcium and sulphonate greases – intended for use in cars and industrial equipment.

All of these products are manufactured at Saneg Oil’s blending plant in Bari in southern Italy, and are now available to purchase in the European Union and other countries, including Uzbekistan.

Saneg CEO Tulkin Yusupov said:

"Saneg has begun actively promoting its retail brand, which delivers products for global manufacturers of automotive and industrial equipment. This is the next stage in our goal to develop Saneg Oil as an international brand that will be equally accessible to both European and Uzbek consumers.”

Saneg Oil Italy plans to launch its range of lubricants for passenger cars and commercial vehicles during the last quarter of 2024. These products will be sold in both European Union and Central Asian markets. The company has already started supplying synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils for diesel engines under the SEG Motol brand to the Uzbek market.

Saneg Oil Italy’s blending plant and research laboratory in Bari can produce 24,000 tons of lubricants and 3,000 tons of greases per year. The company also has an administrative and commercial office in Rome.