SEG Enera: Results of the year and development priorities

SEG Enera held a town hall with the participation of all employees of the management company, dedicated to summing up the results of activities in 2023 and identifying promising directions for the group’s development.

SEG Enera CEO Timofey Smirnov spoke about the status of implementation of landmark investment projects and plans to improve the efficiency of operating assets.

Nikolai Butvina, Managing Director for Business Transformation, presented the key tools for building a management system. Dmitry Kochiev, head of the M&A block, spoke about the development of new strategic businesses of SEG Enera, and the results of the operating assets were presented by the director of the business planning department Andrey Matyukhov

A separate block was devoted to the implementation of end-to-end financial services for all group companies within the Enera Aniqlik -consulting company in the field of finance and management, specially created by Enera. Successfully implemented practices of accounting, tax accounting and the preparation of IFRS reporting were demonstrated by Evgenia Grinenko, chief accountant of SEG Enera, and General Director of Enera Aniqlik Shukhrat Kаmbarov elaborated on the plans of the subsidiary for the development of project management support tools.

One of the sessions was also dedicated to projects in the field of digitalization of all business processes of the group’s enterprises, which was discussed in detail by Vyacheslav Sundukov, Director of IT and Digitalization.

As part of the meeting, the best employee of the month was also awarded for the first time, who, based on voting results, was the head of work with financial institutions, Alexander Grigoryan.

It is noteworthy that holding team meetings in a townhall format, during which managers talk about business results, share news and answer questions from team members, has become a regular practice in the company. Fostering an atmosphere of openness, trust and support is an integral part of SEG Enera's corporate culture. The company pays significant attention to personnel development. Previously, the SEG Enera Leadership School was created for this purpose.