Ferkensco Presents Projects at UzAgroExpo-2023 International Exhibition

The XVIII UzAgroExpo-2023 International Industry Exhibition is currently taking place in Tashkent. Ferkensco showcased projects for chemical complexes producing mineral fertilizers.

More than 120 companies from the agrochemical industry, including agricultural machinery and feed manufacturers from Central Asia, Europe, and America, as well as representatives from the veterinary sector, are participating in UzAgroExpo-2023.

Ferkensco showcased Samarqandkimyo and Karakulkimyo chemical complexes, as well as Neofos enrichment plant. The launch of these facilities will enable a complete production cycle of mineral fertilizers, from the extraction of phosphorite ore to the production of finished products.

"Our projects are gaining increasing attention, especially from farmers and agricultural producers. Participating in exhibitions like UzAgroExpo allows us to establish contacts with potential clients and make our product recognizable even before its production begins. This way, we can enter the market faster and meet the demand of Uzbek farmers for mineral fertilizers", said Ferkensco CEO Timur Juraev.